Character Creation

The First Time you play you will officially create a character to play with. Before then you should put some serious thought into what your character should be like. Think about their physical appearance. Think about their backstory and origin. Think about what they can do and what you would like them to do. Think about how they think and how they would react to certain situations. Think about what type of attacks and with what types of weapons they will use. As a group we will help you make sure they are not overpowered. They can be strong in one area but probably weak in an other.

You can use traditional rpg races or classes if you like or pull from some other form of fiction and make something entirely new. At the creation of your character 5 points will be assigned to your character based on your race and 5 based on your class. Then you will get 5 additional points to assign as you please. That’s 15 stat points at the time of creation. From there you will get 1 more stat point each time you level up.

At the time of creation you get 2 active skills and 2 passive skills or traits. Passives or traits don’t need to be activated they are just a part of your character. Like a glowing aura or being able to see in the dark, being twice as charismatic to the opposite sex, extra luck or extra perception. A passive could also be an additional 5 points to a single stat. At each level multiple of 5 you can choose to learn 1 additional active or passive skill or level up an individual skill.

When choosing stats it is important to remember that certain stats effect certain skills and rp actions.

Your experience gain can be altered by having higher intelligence. Int div 5 multiplied by the xp gained is actual xp acquired.

Your save value is (dex plus fort) div 5.

Your HP is Str multiplied by Fortitude

Melee attacks are STR div 5 plus roll

Ranged attacks are Dex div 5 plus roll

Magical attacks are Int div 5 plus roll

Unarmed attacks are dex plus str div 10 plus roll

Persuasion is (Int plus Char) div 5 plus roll

Intimidation is (Char plus Str) div 5 plus roll

Shun save is (Char plus Fort) div 5 plus roll

Impress is (Char plus Dex) div 5 plus roll

Allure is Char div 5 plus roll

Athletics is Dex div 5 plus roll

Perception is Int div 5 plus roll

Keeping all this in mind you can form a character how you want them for their particular strengths. Think of a few different skills and passives in case a particular skill gets vetoed.

It is important to also choose an affinity as well. Attacks against the same affinity do half damage and attacks against an enemy with an affinity weak against yours will do double damage.