Skill Creation

We don’t want skills to be overpowered, so we will lay down our options and rules.  During our character creation session we will also create skills for ourselves.  To start off every character will have 2 Active Skills and 2 Passive skills on top of their weapon attacks.  Every 5 levels you get one more of each.  At each level you can choose one to enhance.  Passives could be a stat boost, an immunity or resistance, a personality trait, a luck roll or an always on buff or effect.


There are damage types as well as affinities that must be chosen as well.  Type and affinities all have pros and cons and all have strengths and weaknesses.  Types and affinities can also be associated with armor weapons and base attacks as well.  They can also yield effects as well.


Blades, Bullets, Spears and Arrows    Bleed on critical roll.  Add 1xD6 damage.  (Roll the D6 once and they bleed that damage every turn until mended or dead.

Lasers, Frost, Fire and Corrosive        Burn on Critical Roll.  Add 1xD6 damage.   Can mend a bleed.  Frost and Fire counteract each other.

Melee Weapons                   STR+D6+Weapon

Range Weapons                  Dex+D6+Weapon

Martial Arts                         Dex+Str+D6

Charge(Body)                      Str+For+D6

Channeled energy(wep)        Int+D6+Weapon

Channeled Energy(Hands)     Int+For+D6















Creation rules


D20 Skills

Single target only

Once per day only

Line of sight required


D12 Skills

Once per day if AOE 360

Once per battle if single target

Short rest required if AOE 180

Once per day if zone


D10 Skills

Short rest required if AOE 360

Once per battle if AOE 180

Once per day if zone

Once per battle if Single target


D8 Skills

Once per battle


D6 Skills

Single Target at will

360 AOE once per battle

180 AOE twice per battle

zone short rest

Cone once per battle


D4 Skills

Single target at will

Die only every turn if cone, zone or AOE


Attack types defined


Zone is 3 block radius from target and lasts for 3 turns

360 AOE hits all 8 adjacent squares

180 AOE hits 5 adjacent squares in the front

Cone goes 5 squares away. Starts as one square, grows to 5 wide at furthest.