World creation

Worlds can be created with a few dice rolls and some rules.

Since topography is technically the same across dimensions the twin mountain ranges that are on either side of the equator are always there. However one world might have very little water effectively being a desert planet. Conversely, the world could also be flooded. The tips of the mountains could form atolls. Weather could also vary in drastic ways. The world could be a frozen iceball or a tropical rainforest. Life on the planet could also be varied. There could be just plants or just symbiotic animals or a combination of anything. There could be primitive civilizations or far future cities. There could also be strange changes to physics and magic as well. A good example of this is breathable water that has the same density as air. Wild magic is a fun twist for some worlds. Whenever magic is used, the user must roll for wild magic. A 1 will give a negative effect and a 20 will give a positive random effect.

Weather and characteristics could also be troublesome. Non-stop rain or snow. Permanent darkness or permanent daylight.